Re: [wmii] How to work flexibly? Usage question.

From: Piglet <>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 19:21:59 +0100

On 8/22/06, Kai Grossjohann <> wrote:
> wmii is a flexible window manager, but I fundamentally fail to grok what
> this means. Hence my question about a concrete situation I'm in.
> Hopefully your explanations will help me grok. Thanks a lot for your
> input in advance.

[off topic]
What is it with 'grok' these days, is 'understand' considered harmful
or something?
[end of off topic]

> For a given project, I frequently switch between two situations.
> Situation A is that I'm editing code in a single window that I want to
> occupy the whole screen.
> Situation B is that I'm trying out the application in two or three
> windows that I want to lay out in two columns.
> Sometimes, I work in situation A for an hour or so, but oftentimes only
> for a few seconds.

Unless I've not seen something glaringly obvious and important I don't
get why all the others are replying with 'solutions' that boil down to
"customize it so it does what you want", which is hardly dynamic.

This situation sounds like a no brainer to me, mess around in a rough
approximation of situation B on some workspace when you want to, if
you want to work in situation A, highlight the client, send it to an
unused workspace and go there. When you're done, send it back. This
is what should be meant by dynamic in this enviroment too, you might
not be getting the 100% complete perfect solution, but you're getting
a good one for less than 1< of work, and that should be the case with
most situations (with a little luck).
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