Re: [wmii] Re: Fwd: [wmii-hackers] - new primary domain,,, and going to be dropped

From: Denis Grelich <>
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 18:42:49 +0200

On Thu, 12 Oct 2006 15:15:36 +0200
Uriel <> wrote:

> Why don't you all send the money to garbeam by paypal or whatever, and
> he can renew the domains, and keep things with a minimun of order.
> Otherwise random people controls each domain, and it becomes almost
> impossible to coordinate any future changes. Nothing personal, but
> reducing the number of people that
> controls the domains reduces the chances that someone will disappear
> or not be reachable when they are needed, and it is much simple to
> keep all the domains controlled by the same person.


> Letting domains expire is *always* asking for trouble and for domain
> squatter to take your domain over and fill it with spam, specially
> when your domain has the amount of google-juice wmii domains have.

Oh yeah, that's definitely true. NEVER EVER let a domain expire, it
will end up in some creep's hands. If you really think you don't need a
domain anymore, park it. Anyway, I wouldn't want to see and be treated this way. They're pretty snappy and useful

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