Re: [wmii] 9ubuntu?

From: Anselm R. Garbe <>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 13:10:26 +0100

On Wed, Mar 14, 2007 at 12:53:15PM +0100, Uriel wrote:
> So you found out windows and lunix suck. Now tell me something I didn't
> know.
> uriel
> P.S.: Glendix (in my world domination plans renamed to "Plan L") has
> been in the planning stages for years, I certainly don't think that
> ubuntu is a good starting point for it. I have been toying with LFS,
> but seems to be more trouble than it is worth it, I want to look into
> GRML some time, maybe we should consider Mathieu's sourcemage... I'm
> open to suggestions, but in the end the problem is that the whole
> linux+gnu+X environment is *HUGE* and hideously complex.
> One of my plans was to have a 'pure p9p' (or as close as possible to
> it) distribution, and then using Linux's private namespaces and so on,
> have something similar to APE for all the lunix junk. Still it would
> probably would be quite a bit of work to setup and worse to maintain.
> The advantage might be that you could 'run' debian or whatever inside
> that 'ape' like sub-environment so we would not have to maintain
> packages and shit.

In theory your plan sounds great, but in practice all this
L-world is a mess and I think the time is not worth to be wasted
to maintain and develop yet another Linux distro from scratch.
What I have in mind is something similiar to the common
desktop/system everyone of us uses regularly and nothing special
- but out of the box and with live cd capabilities and ready to

I also have in mind that I need this very urgently and that's
because I don't care so much about the base system - I know that
ubuntu sucks, but I can't change it.


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