Re: [wmii] Updates to tip, please test!

From: sqweek <>
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2007 02:19:18 +0800

On 10/2/07, Chris King <> wrote:
> Small bug: start two xterms in a column in default mode, shrink one
> down to just its titlebar (btw kudos on this feature), hit Ctrl+D in
> the other one. The first one will remain as just a titlebar and
> become inaccessible unless it is moved to another column.

 Yeah I found that one too. fun! :)
 You can also get around it by switching the column to default/max mode.

> Another possible bug: clicking (not dragging) the control box has
> strange effects.

 Grab boxes sure are fucked.

> With three or more I've noticed stranger things: clicking on
> one xterm's box will cause another's to enlarge or shrink slightly
> until some threshold is reached, which xterm is affected and how seems
> pretty much random (although it looks like wmii is distributing space
> evenly to all the xterms it seems to miss the topmost one).

 Yeah, there's some oddity with intracolumn resizals, I had a look the
other day when iarwain mentioned it on IRC but couldn't see any
problems... needs some more effort.

> As a side note, what happened to the ability of the mouse to create
> new columns and to insert windows between others (rather than just at
> the bottom) in default mode? Will this be restored at some point in
> the future or is it permanently removed?

 You should certainly be able to place windows wherever you like using
the mouse. I should check whether any of my changes affected this (the
one that prevents wmii from crashing when dragging a window over the
bar seems a somewhat likely candidate)... but I need sleep now - I'll
try to give it a look tomorrow along with that rc.wmii -> wmiirc entry
point (the one thing I /didn't/ try).

 A for attention to detail, Chris. I would have given you an A+ if
you'd also spotted that wmii segfaults on startup if it can't get an X
connection (eg. DISPLAY is unset). ;)
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