Re: [wmii] Updates to tip, please test!

From: Andre Kuehne <>
Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2007 23:01:12 +0200

Uriel wrote:
> While nobody was looking sqweek has been working hard fixing most
> known bugs, he has done an amazing job and I just pushed his changes
> to the main wmii hg tip.
> Please test the tip and report any issues, I will release a snap soon,
> and after any new issues found are fixed I will release 3.6.

The applications native fullscreen mode is not working as expected for most programs.
I reported this for mplayer some time ago and thankfully Kris fixed this in short time,
but it seems to me that his fix only works for mplayer, not for gmplayer and the other
apps i checked: gqview, feh and xine.

This is actually the only issue i have with latest tip. Other than that, wmii works
like a breeze. Thanks to everyone for this fine product.

Best wishes
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