Re: [wmii] Updates to tip, please test!

From: Jeremy Maitin-Shepard <>
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2007 09:18:53 -0400

sqweek <> writes:

> Nope, I only played with wmii's fullscreen functionality. AFAIK wmii
> currently only supports a specific method for apps to request
> fullscreen themselves (I think resizing themselves to the screen size
> - I've had feh do it accidently when viewing pics of certain sizes).
> Probably these apps use a different method and wmii doesn't respond
> the way they expect.
> I'll put it on my list, but I don't have any experience with ICCCM or
> anything which would suggest the "right" thing to do, so not sure how
> far I'll get.

Look at the code for ion3. It has been useful for me in the past in
figuring out the "correct" way to do something, since it is generally
necessary not only to support what is actually stated in certain
specifications, but also to support certain non-standard behaviors that
certain programs do anyway. The ion3 code is quite well-written,
and seems to support fullscreen properly and without bugs.

Jeremy Maitin-Shepard
Received on Tue Oct 02 2007 - 15:18:42 UTC

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