Re: [wmii] Updates to tip, please test!

From: sqweek <>
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2007 00:16:36 +0800

On 10/2/07, Jeremy Maitin-Shepard <> wrote:
> sqweek <> writes:
> > I'll put it on my list, but I don't have any experience with ICCCM or
> > anything which would suggest the "right" thing to do, so not sure how
> > far I'll get.
> It has been useful for me in the past in
> figuring out the "correct" way to do something, since it is generally
> necessary not only to support what is actually stated in certain
> specifications, but also to support certain non-standard behaviors that
> certain programs do anyway.

 Ta, I'll keep that in mind.
 Turns out I did break window movement while fixing the segfaulty
behaviours. I fixed that tonight along with Chris's problem starting
wmiirc from rc.wmii, another rc.wmii bug that prevented an external
status script from working[1] and the segfault when XOpenDisplay
fails. Nothing terribly exciting.

[1] I actually noticed and fixed this bug locally ages ago, but never
reported it so I had to spend another half hour tonight tracking it
down again. Tch tch!

 Thanks to Uriel for pushing the changes to tip!
 To sum up the known issues:
1) collapsed clients outside stacked mode don't always uncollapse when
they receive focus
2) resizing within a column affects clients it shouldn't (seems to
average client size?)
3) you should be able to create columns with the mouse (wasn't working
at the point I started on the code)
4) wmii's fullscreen (MOD+f) acts funny with some apps (qiv)
5) support for apps native full screen modes sucks (qiv [drops behind
managed layer], gqview [window appears slightly offscreen], firefox
[titlebar doesn't come back when you return from fullscreen])
6) grab boxes suck

 All somewhat annoying, but nothing dreadful in there I think. We've
lived with crap grab boxes long enough, we'll live awhile longer.
Ditto with fullscreen problems and resizals. Creating columns with the
mouse is the only regression (well, I seem to remember it at least
semi-working, no clue when), and I have things to do over the next
couple of days so can't commit much time to wmii.
 Unless someone else is keen on bug-hunting or Uriel has other ideas,
I'm going to suggest a snap at this point.
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