Re: [dev] dwm: bug in fullscreen mode (SDL?)

From: Nick <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 18:42:42 +0000

Quoth ∞:
> i found bug in dwm-{5.9,6.0} version (and early too)
> when open one of some application fullscreened - eg zsnes, dosbox,
> vbam - in any layout mode screen blacking and nothing work. software
> using SDL, may be in this reason? how to fix it?
> in openbox that applications work good, but... i want using dwm, not openbox! ))

This is a known bug with SDL. It doesn't handle non-reparenting
window managers properly. This bug was reported to them back in 2009
I think (can't find it now), but hasn't gone anywhere.

However, it turns out you can work around this using wmname to set the window manager name to
'LG3D'. This is the same fix which is needed to make some JDK
programs work correctly. Thanks to Connor for suggesting it to me.

Can someone with hg access update the BUGS file in the dwm
repository with this workaround, please?

So !g, install wmname, then add the line 'wmname LG3D' to your
.xinitrc file above dwm, so it's executed every time X starts.


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