Re: [dev] swk development

From: hiro <>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 19:09:04 +0300

what about an fltk backend?

On 8/10/10, pancake <> wrote:
> So much time has passed since I wrote swk with SDL and partially X11
> backend.
> I understand that X11 backend is the more interesting, and I'm not
> really a good X11
> hacker to do it right, so I would love to ask if somebody is going to do
> something
> with/for it.
> There's still much work to do, and I need feedback and application
> proposals or real
> use cases in order to get the project into a working state. Things like
> multiline text
> editor or stuff like this will be easy to implement on top of what's
> actually done.
> Anselm told me he would work on it, but I'm still waiting for their
> commits, do you have
> some uncommited stuff? what's the current state of the work on X11 you
> have done?
> Do you people think that using libdraw as a core drawing library would
> be good? what
> about using cairo/pango for rendering? do somebody wants to develop a
> curses/ansi
> backend for swk or libdraw?
> I would love to have a suckless user interface library, and I really
> have many ideas on
> top of it, but I need some feedback in order to continue working on it.
> --pancake
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