Re: [dev] Why do you use tmux/screen?

From: Balazs Kezes <>
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2014 13:34:31 +0100

On 2014-07-01 13:00 +0100, RaphaŽl Proust wrote:
> At some point, I use to run a vim inside a tmux inside a window. It
> turned out to be super annoying because all the shortcuts to move the
> windows, splits, and views ended up being very similar and got mixed
> up from time to time.

Yup, that's a bit confusing. In my case several things help sanity.
First of all, I now use very little GUI. Usually it's only a web browser
and an xterm/tmux so I don't really need a lot of window management. I
use tmux's pane management a lot though.

Secondly, here are my rules regarding the key bindings:

1. All window manager related keybindings go with the Super key (or Meta
or whatever you want to call it).

2. I've bound all tmux keybindings to go with Alt (I don't really use
the prefix key based bindings).

3. All application specific key bindings (vim, readline) go with Ctrl.

Configuring all of this takes time but in the end I find it very easy to
to press the right combination of the keys. For example you could have
super+hjkl for wm window navigation, alt+hjkl for tmux pane navigation
and ctrl+hjkl for vim split navigation. Easy-peasy (although I rarely
use anything other than panes). Obviously, if you come from an Emacs
background, you'll find this approach unusable. :)

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