Re: [wmii] Re: sh flame with Uriel

From: Uriel <>
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 14:06:57 +0100

> In general I agree, but as often, Uriel seems impossible to
> differentiate listening from deciding.
> There is a difference between listening and deciding. A perfect
> dictator _listens_ to his nation, but is independent enough to
> _decide_ differently to what the majority requests. This project
> is *not* democratic and will never be. Then I would quit my job.
It is *you* who spoke of polls and voting.

> But in contrast to Uriel, I listen to other opinions regardless
> what I decide.
I listen, but most of what I hear is uninformed nonsense by people that have not
bothered to check what they are talking about, like all this bullshit
about tag stacks
wasting space, which anyone that has used acme for more than 5 min(or
has bothered to read the acme paper) knows is total nonsense.

I listen to people that have useful things to say, which sadly is quite rare.

> Uriel won't listen if the opinion does not match
> his basic ideology: Plan 9 (good) !Plan 9 (crap)
Hah! you don't read 9fans? And at least, unlike you and many others, I
know what I'm talking about, because I have used many more different
systems and I have come to understand their strengths and weakness.

And you have very short and selective memory, or don't you remember
that it was you who pushed to change to rc and many other changes
which I thought were rushed and could wait because there was always
more important stuff to fix? But we all know that your favorite sport
is to make every possible gratuitous change at any chance just for the
sake of it rather than fixing the really important stuff.

But I know you, and I know how this project works, and in a few
months, we will be changing back to rc, and that is what pisses me off
most, the totally ridiculous development process of this project.

I'm just sick of wasting my time with flame wars about every single
frking detail, just to have you change your mind a few moments later,
without even a recognition that you were wrong all along. How many
times we have to go through the same idiotic dance before _you_ learn
to listen?

Wmii is what it is today because I bothered to spend hours and hours
arguing with you about all sorts of crap until you managed to think
for a second, and see how wrong you were. And I'm feed up and tired of
this game, every time you change something randomly, another flame
war, just because you can't accept that you can be wrong and that
changing stuff all over the place at random all the time is idiotic. I
have had to fight over every single detail of wmii, and enough is

Change is good for progress, but random change back and forth is just
wasteful and stupid. For every step we move forward, we take two
backwards (just to step forward again later after much fighting.)

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