Re: [wmii] tagging suggestions

From: Stefan Tibus <>
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 11:37:13 +0200

Hello John.

On Mon, Apr 10, 2006 at 05:04:48AM -0400, John Nowak wrote:
> Also, the frame/window should not disappear or move until it loses focus. For example, I could select it, remove all tags, add three other tags, then switch
> to a different window -- only then would the tag changes take effect. This lets me change a few things without stuff jumping all over, and lets me undo
> something if I screw up. It also takes care of the "what window gets focus when I remove this window from this tag-screen" problem, as you change focus
> deliberately.
Hm. Makes sense for the remove/add (all) tags stuff as you proposed. But
in most cases I like the window to disappear immediately.
> I personally think names for tags are very silly, and a waste of time. I'd like to see it all happen without any text entry... just straight key commands as
> above. Remembering that 0 is web apps, 1 is games, 2 is vi, etc, is probably the easiest thing I have to keep in my head with running a *nix system. My
> usage patterns change constantly, making names even more silly. A overview window that shoes all 10 tag screens and which windows are in which would be
> fantastic.
Here I have to disagree. It may not be a good idea to use names in the
default setup, but for my own personal use I like them a lot. I have
chosen them specifically to my very own usage pattern and I would miss
named tags and views a lot. I have a view "mail" and a view "www" and
so on... also I switched to use F1-F12 instead of 0-9 for numbered
views, but use them only for random stuff. And when working on projects
I group my programs together in a view named according to the project,
so I don't have to remember what project was what number.
I have to admit this is all personal preference, but I really can't see
why people should be forced to work with numbers just because these
stupid machines called computers do better with numbers than with
strings. Those machines were designed to work for us and not to make us
work in compliance with them.

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