Re: [wmii] wmii-4 fs proposal/discussion

From: Fernando Canizo <>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 09:40:57 -0300

El 09/jun/2006 a las 07:21 -0300, Anselm me decía:
> New (proposal):
> [The idea is to remove the column-representation in the fs-hierarchy,
> because this is not used.]

> /tagrules
> /tag/NAME/0 (floating clients) (*)
> /tag/NAME/1 (column 1) (*)
> /tag/NAME/ctl
> (*) Each tag contains a file pro area (0 == floating area, 1,... == columns), whereas each line looks as follows:

Since you are considering modifying the fs, please take in
consideration my sugestion for tags having an order property, so we
can have ordered tags without having to put numbers in their names or
relaying on strange names.

I want my 'dev' tag to come after my 'web' tag no matter what
abecedary says, and without mangling the names like: '3.web' ''


where order takes an integer from 0 to n

If user puts same number on two or more tags, then they get
lexicographically ordered.

Also i like having all the tags in one place, not like wmii-3 stable
release wich has all flying around. I like that 'tag/' dir.

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