Re: [wmii] wmii bug ?

From: arnuld <>
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2007 22:10:44 +0530

> On 7/21/07, Jeremy Maitin-Shepard <> wrote:
> Does this happen when there are not any windows visible in the selected
> view?

though today there was no visible window but i am not sure about the
previous lock-ups that happened. from now on, i will keep this in

> You can test if this is indeed the solution by:

> When it happens again, use gdb program <pid of wmii> to attach gdb to
> wmii. Then use XSetInputFocus to set the input focus back to the root
> window, and see if this fixes the problem.

i will try that.

Jeremy, i have one more problem like this one. this problem happens
only with wmii running "Xterm". sometimes, my xterm - rxvt-unicode,
can not get any any input form keyboard, same like earlier problem but
in this case these 2 things i have noticed:

1.) i can use "M-Shift-C" to kill Xterm

2.) lock-up happens *only* when i try to use "C-d" to exit from Xterm.
it happens frequently but not at every "C-d".

3.) only XTerm locks up, i can use other applications without any problem.

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